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Get to know Wonder Goose & SNO Scale ?

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Wonder goose is one of our stroke superheroes. She has only one goal in life which is removing blood clot from the large artery of the brain with her weapon ("stent retriever").

(look at her left hand)

What is SNO on her shield ?

Wonder Goose uses SNO scale to screen for large vessel occlusion (LVO) in the brain.

S= Speech difficulty (Unable to speak, aka expressive aphasia)

N= Neglect on one side of the body

O= Ocular deviation (eye deviation to one side)

If she sees that stroke patient has any SNO sign, she will stand by until that patient has image of the artery of the brain done. If the image (usually CT) scan confirmed LVO, the patient will need clot removal procedure (Thrombectomy likely with stent retriever).

Currently SNO scale has been using as a screening too for Milwaukee County EMS bypass since March 2018.

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