Grandma Goose is a very kind goose who always encourages all the superhero geese to fight stroke. She once was a stroke superhero, too. She understands that sometimes, we give the best effort to help stroke patients, but they still don’t have good outcomes. She tells us never ever give up on stroke patients. Don’t worry about the future or don’t let the past bothers us. Just go out there, give all you got and be a good teammate. We need to be a team to fight this demon. Grandma gives us a big hug and warm cookies with milk. It is her way to show us that she loves us, and she is proud of Team Goose 

Hope GOose 2.jpg

Hope Goose Hope Goose is our team goose cheerleader! She is always happy and very optimistic.  She would like our stroke patients to have “Hope” and “ Never give up”. She understands it is not easy having a stroke, but she believes her patients are capable of overcoming many difficulties and will get better! She often reminds us that our work also has given hope back for many stroke patients and their families. She also told us that we need to keep our hopes high and be positive for a bright future!



BUBBLE GOOSE is a son of Danger Goose. He loves to blow balloons! Fun, right? The only problem is that he uses the brain arteries to make balloons (brain aneurysms). When he has so much fun, he keeps blowing the balloon until it bursts! When the balloon bursts, the patient will have a severe headache and will bleed in the space surrounding the brain. If the balloon does not burst, usually there is no problem! There will be a problem when the balloon grows very big! This could mean possible cranial nerve compression or brain compression.  



GRATEFUL GOOSE  is our youngest goose. She was born during the COVID19 crisis in 2020. Even though she was born during a rough period, she manages to see the world differently. She is always very grateful for everyone and everything around her. She has received love and kindness from people that make her want to be kind to others. She thinks that just being alive is so wonderful. She loves saving lives and helping patients with Team Goose. She is very grateful to be part of the team. She says life becomes more meaningful when we have a chance to help others. She is indeed our sweetheart!

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FEARLESS GOOSE is a 36 yearold goose from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She does essential work for the community by being a part of EMS. She gets her name from fearlessly jumping into dangerous situations with the intention to save others! She is always equipped with her tools to get patients where they need to go-the emergency department! You can count on her to bring
you to safety when you call 911!


Betty is a 48-year-old female goose from Cudahy, Wisconsin. One day, she experienced severe dizziness and nausea while she was cooking dinner. She thought that she had an ear infection and stayed home. Later, she kept throwing up and losing her balance. Thankfully, she called 911 immediately. She was found to have a small stroke in the right cerebellum. Betty wants to remind us that off balance or dizziness are signs of a stroke! Call 911!

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Ellie  is a 67-year-old male goose from Summit, Wisconsin. One day, Ellie was shoveling Betty’s driveway when he could not see from his right eye! He assumed it was due to the cold wind and continued to shovel. Soon, he began to have blurry vision in both eyes. He began to worry and panic, so he shouted for help. Thankfully, Betty was watching him from the window and remembered the right cerebellum stroke she had. She dialed 911 right away! Ellie is an example of vision blurriness or loss of vision while having a stroke.

Frankie is a 30-year-old male goose from New Berlin, Wisconsin. He was grocery shopping at the market when he noticed something strange in a dairy cooler’s glass window. His face was drooping! He tried to smile to see if there was a difference in symmetry, and the facial droop was still there. He knew something wasn’t right, so he took out his phone and called 911! 10 minutes later, the ambulance came and took him to the emergency department. There, he was told that he was having a major stroke and needed to be treated right away!

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Goose A.png

Annie is a 56 year old female goose from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was waiting to board a plane to Los Angeles, California with her luggage. Her flight was about to board, although when she tried to lift her luggage, she noticed that she had left arm weakness! In surprise, she took a step back and felt her left leg buckle under her weight. She tried to shake off the weakness because she couldn’t miss her flight, so she took a step toward the gate. She stumbled and was caught by another goose, who called 911 immediately! Annie’s weak limbs were symptoms of a stroke.

Sally is a 21-year-old female goose from West Allis, Wisconsin. She was having lunch with a group of her friends and was talking about her job. All of a sudden, her friends noticed that she was having speech difficulty! They asked her if she was OK because she was having trouble speaking. She shook her head no and her friends called 911, for they thought she was having a stroke!

Terri is an 84-year-old male goose from Grafton, Wisconsin. One evening, he was playing bingo with his friend at the community center. Right before his lucky number was called, Terry felt a thunderclap sensation in his head! He yelled in pain, clutching the sides of his head. His friend was concerned and notified the security at the door. The security went to Terry to find out what was happening. He saw that Terry was in pain, so he called 911 immediately!


Super Goose is a 49-year-old male goose who assists stroke patients! His special weapon is TPA, which stands for tissue plasminogen activator! This TPA works to destroy blood clots that cause deadly strokes and help patients return to a natural state! Although the TPA works wonders, this special weapon has a limited strength! Within 4.5 hours of a stroke patient entering the healing facility, Super Goose must spring into action and inject TPA into the stroke sufferer. If the stroke patient is too late, the TPA is not effective. Super Goose works hard alongside Wonder Goose to provide the best care for patients worldwide!



 Wonder Goose is a 30-year-old female goose whose mission is to save people who suffer from strokes! She always has her armor and weapons ready for action! Wonder Goose always carries her tools just in case she needs to remove a big blood clot from the stroke survivor! She performs a special procedure that removes big blood clots that cause main artery blockages, which lead to a big stroke! It’s possible that once she performs the procedure, the stroke patient could be free from an ischemic stroke attack! Although this is not always the case because of a patient’s certain circumstances.



Master Goose is an 899-year-old male goose from outer space. He was traveling to the United States to spread his wisdom. While in the US, he noticed a secret attacker that deprived humans of balance, vision, facial symmetry, strength, speech and gave a hideous headache! Master Goose figured out that humans could live through this attack called “stroke“ simply by going to the nearest stroke hospital. Humans could be treated with TPA within the first 4.5 hours of experiencing stroke symptoms! He vowed to spread stroke awareness as much as he could to save people from a preventable death!

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BABY GOOSE is the daughter of Wonder Goose and Super Goose. She was trained by the best to fight strokes! Baby Goose learned to be determined and focused on stroke elimination! She uses her special tools, like TPA and the stent! She is unafraid to face any of the scariest strokes! She fights against strokes alongside her parents, so you will be glad that she is on your team!

The Stroke Villains

NINJA GOOSE  This goose represents transient ischemic attack (TIA). TIA is a temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain. This patient had a brief episode of stroke symptoms (BEFAST). Ninja Goose wants you to know that a TIA is a very serious condition! A TIA is a warning that patient could have a MAJOR stroke. It is caused by blood clots from the heart or carotid artery dislodging and entering into the brain circulation. Ninja Goose holds blood clots and a yucky carotid artery in his hands! If you experience BEFAST symptoms for a few minutes and then are fine, Ninja Goose begs you to call 911 and seek help immediately! He doesn’t want you to meet Danger Goose... 

danger goose.png

DANGER GOOSE  This goose is a charming, but very dangerous goose. He represents an acute ischemic stroke (the most common type of stroke, 80%). Over 9 million people globally are attacked by him each year. In the United States, someone has a stroke every 40 seconds. Danger Goose’s bow represents the aorta and other major arteries that send blood flow to the brain and arms. He loves to throw the blood clot into the brain! He always aims high up to the brain. Most of the blood clots come from the heart. The fire signifies that once the blood clot blocks the artery, it will damage part of the brain.  Only our Stroke Superhero family can fight Danger Goose! However, the Stroke Superhero family can only fight for you if you show up to Emergency Room fast. If you show up too late, Danger Goose will win. Please call 911 if you want to fight back against him! Once again, please remember BEFAST!

AVM GOOSE has a brain AVM as her weapon! AVM stands for arteriovenous malformation, which is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels. She carries a brain AVM everywhere she goes. When she finds her opponents, she just throws the AVM on to their heads. AVM can cause seizure, bleeding into the brain or headache. Luckily, many AVM do not cause any symptoms. Did you see her earrings? Her earrings are made of brain aneurysms! She wants to remind you that when people have brain AVM, they can have aneurysm(s) that come with it too! It is better to stay away from her and not make her angry!